Welcome to FIFO Families

FIFO Families has earned a strong reputation as the go to support network for working away families right across not only Australia, but overseas too. Having been featured across major publications world wide to weigh in on the working away lifestyle and its effects on family and community, FIFO Families continues to grow exponentially as a force for good.

The FIFO Families reach now extends to far flung corners of the planet like Japan, the US, Canada, and it comes as a result of really understanding how to make a difference in the lives of it’s global community.

With FIFO Families we aim to lift the stressful, many times painful burden of a loved one being a part from you by offering many services and outlets to help manage that challenging lifestyle. We have many groups located in cities right across Australia in every State, seminars that we present all around Australia and a Premium Membership that gets our members exclusive access and discounts across fantastic retail, hospitality, and entertainment outlets everywhere.

What started off as a small, heart centred initiative has quickly grown in to a massive, still heart centred front to making an impact on working away families- and we continue to grow by the day.  As a result we are positioned not only as a industry body group representing FIFO, but we have also become the eco-system that supports and connects all things relating to the working away lifestyle.  Not only will you find our FIFO Families events, but you will also find links to other existing FIFO support groups and Facebook pages. sign up today.